County Government of Marsabit Finalizes Drafting of the Marsabit County Integrated Development Plan (CIDP) III

2 min readMay 15, 2023
MED technical expert taking the participants through the CIDP

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in collaboration with the Monitoring Evaluation Department (MED), the Kenya Institute for Public Policy Research and Analysis (KIPPRA) supported the County Government of Marsabit in the development of their final draft of the County Integrated Development Plan III (CIDPIII). This is the culmination of an exercise that began in October 2022, which included a series of workshops, consultations and public forums, through which valuable inputs, ideas and feedback was collected from different stakeholders.

The high-level workshop which took place from 11 to 14 April 2023, brought together key technical leads from the county departments which included health, trade, public service, education and youth affairs, water and natural resources, agriculture and livestock, infrastructure, and social services.

UNDP has ensured the county plan is guided by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and considers the aspirations of the county’s residents through mainstreaming of Youth, Gender, Children, Disaster Risk Reduction, and Climate Change priorities.

Drafting the County Integrated Development Plan (CIDP) is usually one of the essential tasks of a newly elected government to outline its development priorities. It is the core five-year development plan that integrates the long-term spatial, sector and urban plans with inputs from the Governor’s manifesto, national government plans and programs, past county development performance and the views and expectations of other development actors and the public at large.

Group photo with the participants during the Workshop

The participatory and consultative process in drafting the county priorities and setting the development objectives conveyed the monumental role of the workshop and the commitment of the county to ensure that the plan remains relevant and responsive to the changing needs of the county. Guidance by KIPPRA on CIDP II review was pivotal in the assessment of the achievements already made and pointed out areas that require further attention. The lively and frequent interaction between the technical experts and the county departments captured the enthusiasm and the drive to deliver an inclusive and transformative plan.

Upon conclusion of final edits, the document will be presented to the executive, then to the County Assembly for approval, thereafter, launch and roll-out to the wider public.




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