UNON Transport Services: A Journey Towards Digitization and Sustainability.

2 min readMay 7, 2024

Since its establishment by the UN General Assembly on January 1, 1996, the United Nations Office at Nairobi (UNON) FMTS/Transportation Unit has been providing crucial transportation services to over 30 agencies within the UNON complex.

These services include Executive Vehicles services, Taxi Services, After-Office Hours Services, Car-Hire services and the Staff Bus services. In 2017, the Transportation Unit embarked on a mission to digitize these services, a move that has since yielded impressive results.

Embracing the Digital Age
The digitization process began in October 2018 with the Taxi Service, followed by the After Office-Hours Service in November of the same year. The initiative resulted in substantial financial savings, increased operational efficiency and overall environmental benefits due to efficient resource utilization.

The Transportation Unit then turned its focus on digitizing the Staff Bus Service in February 2024, an ambitious undertaking that involved customization and navigating complex UN requirements for privacy, security policies, and internal billing. The digitisation has enabled application of lean logistics, where each route is provided with a shuttle ideal for the number of users in that route hence minimising on underutilisation, and optimization of various buses capacities/configurations.

On official transport services, a transformative partnership with ‘UN Mobility’ in 2021 proved to be a game-changer, streamlining processes and integrating seamlessly with UN systems. This has improved vehicle movement controls and accountability for the benefit of UNON.

In the same year, UNON also collaborated with ‘UN Fleet,’ simplifying access to fit-for-purpose vehicles and aligning with environmental standards and statutory compliance. With seven vehicles currently leased through UN Fleet, including three electric vehicles and one hybrid, the collaboration has enabled a reduction in carbon footprint and financial and time resource savings.

UNON looks forward to continuing to collaborate with UN Mobility, UN Fleet, and other partners to create a safer, more effective, and greener system. For more information on how to use these services, please contact




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