Why financial access campaigns fail to promote sustainable livelihoods: A case study of the youth financial inclusion in Kenya

Victor Apollo,
Head of Solutions Mapping, Accelerator Lab — UNDP Kenya

Access to financial and social assets is a key factor in the quest to empower youth to make their own economic decisions and escape poverty. Unfortunately, majority of this group in the informal sector are un-bankable making access to finance a huge challenge. Photo: Kevin Ouma/UNDP
Strategic focus is on enterprise development is key to increasing sustainable economic opportunities and participation by Kenyan Youth in nation building. Photo Kevin Ouma/UNDP Kenya
In order to enhance financial inclusion for the youth, we must prioritise working with young people, as key stakeholders, to reimagine development that fits with their aspiration and ambition. Photo: Alan Gichigi/UNDP Kenya

In #Kenya, UNDP works with the Government and communities towards inclusive and sustainable socio-economic and human development. https://www.ke.undp

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